The Sun fell in love with the Earth, and said so often. Earth continued to circle Sun, perhaps in jest, perhaps considering its proposal, Sun could hardly ever tell. Sun continued to warm earth, and give guidance. Earth continued to turn in its dance to the star, tilting this way and then the other. The others tried to ignore their game, but in turn, began to mimic, none quite right.

This continued until Sun felt so lonely, so tired of standing still, so tired of living a long life, it decided to make its way in the pursuit. Unable to move, however, Sun decided to love more, to send more warmth, to grow on the outside. Gases began expanding outward, leaving a hollow center, and Earth scorched and died.

Sun wept and brightened. Sun grew until it couldn’t. Sun became dark, and small, and began swallowing all things around it. Sun once again grew. Sun grew and darkened and created a vast, cold entity of itself.

Sun wept no more, Sun was no more. Black was truly created then in the late Earth’s galaxy.

100-300 words

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