Why always so Happy? Jacques’ fellow monks always wondered, scoffing only in their heads, and trying not to show it through their eyes.

  For the love that is shown. For the love that is the almighty, came the silent response. Sometimes, slightly different, it was, for the joy of the good news, and The Mercy of The Merciful.

  But no, The solemn prayer in their eyes would reproach, we must reflect on the solemnity of the promises and the sorrow of the sin that killed Our Saviour.

  Joy, The Prayer of Jacques’ aging heart did beseech, Comes from the hope of a bright eternity.

  You are not wrong Brother, The eyes of the Abbot comforted.

  Why would I be? Jacques then questioned, and then, perhaps I am.

  Brother Jacques has found The Solemnity of Christ, The monastery began silently murmuring in its labourious praising. Always then followed by the promise of Ora et Labora.

  What am I doing, guide me Lord. Answer me Lord. Where are you Lord? I’m sorry Lord. Joy and Peace are inward, Lord. Let me not disgrace your house, Lord. Let me find virtue in gravitas earnest, Lord. Where have you gone, Lord? The Sun has turned a dark blue, Sir. Who are you really, Sir? Are you there, sir? Answer me. Give me something, man. What the hell?

Strike me down for my doubt, Lord.

  Brother Jacques will be buried on Saturday! The Joyous Monastery exclaimed. Let us rejoice and be glad, for he has found peace with the Lord.

100-300 words Monastery Stories

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