I threw a bottle at his head, but my aim was off in this state. He didn’t seem to care, and stood there, continuing to rattle off all the ways I had screwed up. He said it was my fault that our parents got divorced. He said I was ungrateful, and lacked empathy. He tried shouting over the bartender ordering me to get out. After retrieving my card from her, I heeded not my brother, but the woman behind the counter.

He followed me out though. The way he asked where I was going to go, and how I was planning on getting home, and reminding me that he was my ride, made me realize that he had forgotten all about taxis and ride sharing apps. I had already booked a ride fifteen minutes ago, and there you were. A small, economical, white something with four wheels and much needed air conditioning, awaited me, and I rushed in with what I felt was the aire of an action hero, leaving my brother to regret the things he had said.

And now I’m here, still drunk, but not driving. That’s your job. My job is… well…

How did it start? Well, up to tonight, we’ve been hanging out every once in a while for about a year. Before that, though, we hadn’t spoken for 3 years. I had run away from my family the day I turned 18. We ended up mending things, well, my parents didn’t mend themselves, but after that blew over, we all became cordial, and I visited both of them. I saw my brother every few months until I moved to the west. I was in San Diego and I hated it.

I called both my parents every week… Or I tried, but I mostly did. I was working for a pharmaceutical company there, and I met a girl and got engaged… Oh God. That… well, she wasn’t as… Anyway, I lived there for 2 years, then moved back to beautiful Columbus. I got a new job… doing this, and I guess he found out somehow, and didn’t want anything to do with me.

What’s that? What is it I do?- Oh, I’ll get to that. You missed your… Oh, good point.

Anyway, my parents had gotten married too young. That was the problem. I’m 29 and my mom is 45, so I’ll let you do the math on that one. They married when I was 3, then had my brother 2 years later. He was always the better one though. He learned how to ride a bike before me… Shit like that is what fucked me up. I was in the reserves before moving. Got some decent training, did a little bit of this.

Where are you taking me?

Oh! Shit… bad night to get drunk I guess. Who called for the hit on me then?

SEE?! He’s an asshole, fucking brothers, man. So you’re probably not even the guy I’m supposed to be getting tonight, are you?

Uh– Gary Mason, drives a hybrid for… you look like him… Wait… Yeah, actually, shit… no you don’t… he’s white. I’m way too drunk. It’s too public here, are you sure you’re actually ready? First solo hit? Makes sense. I can always tell a first. My first hit was a shit-show. I can give you a few pointers.

I’ve done 27. I can help you out, obviously your training was shit. Let me help you with one tonight, still get you your money, and then you can get me tomorrow if you still want.

Well, your money comes through if he doesn’t stop the payment right? Like it’s on it’s way? Well, he won’t have time to stop it.

Great! Let’s do it.

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