This Little Light

I worked for centuries to find the greatest source of light. Something was needed to guide us in the dark when the stars refused to continue shining. The day was drawing nearer when the sun would no longer be here for us, and so we needed something greater. I have struggled for a long time to better the gods. Something could unite us in a light, in a single flash even; a flash large enough to guide us for centuries beyond.

Everything I did looked like an ant’s math until I embraced the significance of an irony first unknown. I turned it around and around until the answer came to me in the form of men in arms ramming their gleaning angels into pulp. As Heisenberg sought Oppenheimer and Einstein discussed matters of Rhodes with Bohr, I found an entity to unite or untie or to make a statement or a testament. A thing of night that was not silent enough to listen came with a cat-like act of its own. I rearranged everything I had found and I discovered a light.

I showed the world the magnificence of my discovery in Hiroshima, I showed the rest in Nagasaki, and the light was so bright, it brought everything I had promised. Now the sun can go, and we can stay. We can go and the sun can stay. It will work the same backwards or rearranged, because I have beaten the sun itself.

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