Ghost Stories Have Grown Old, But Here’s a Short, Untitled One

Surprised that ghosts are, in fact, real, Gertie considered whether to haunt or to simply observe. The question of which one she had done her entire life ran around inside her head, but memories had become tricky, and the question went wholly unanswered.

The two boys who had just moved in to her house were annoying shits, and very poorly behaved. Their parents were too busy to be parents, and it made Gertie sick. Not knowing who she hated more, the children or the parents, Gertie decided it would be fun to haunt only one boy and the mother. Create factions.

That decision was a year ago, and now Gertie realizes her mistake as, after many signs, hitherto unnoticed by Gertie, the marriage comes to an official and legal end. The mother signs the paperwork, and the father steps out for what seems to be the last time.

She had wanted to cause trouble, just not that much. A shattered family is too much, and it nearly kills Gertie again, as memories of her own life in that house are finally allowed in. She remembers her own boys, her own fights with her husband.

She remembers the day that she had signed her own papers after everything that happened in that busy year after buying the house. It all comes back. That night, where Gertie went after the paperwork, it comes back. Just as this particular mother is doing, going up the stairs with the bottle of wine that gave her the courage to end it all.

Gertie remembers her own face, she looked exactly like that particular mother… wait…

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