They May Wonder

They stood, astounded by the vast glory of a world formerly unknown. They wondered at the stars, and bathed in the sun, and ran in the rain. They set fires inside the cold to be shared and spread through all of creation. They swam, naked, in the earth’s own joyful tears.

They foraged and then farmed. They wandered and then built. They built a comfort for nourishment and for rest as they marveled at the splendor of the earth they had found.

They hunted and forged and cobbled. They created a comfortable place to sit, shaded from the sun, out of the rain. They ate their creations as they enjoyed the society they had created.

They found their talents, they kept their traditions. They sat and philosophized and bargained and drank and laughed. They smiled at the way of living they had carved out of stone.

They engineered. They grew. They covered their heads with wool and wood and hay and stone. They protected themselves against a weeping sky and kept the heat to themselves, inside their own homes. They conquered. They sighed, contentedly, at the life they had nourished.

They went faster, and they connected. They talked across oceans. They found ways of peace through war. They allied. They struck first. They felt safe as they created a world inside giant boxes, away from the creatures that wanted to eat them. They sat comfortably in the homes somebody had built.

They forgot the World they had found. They grew a contempt for the things outside. They wandered inside boxes, staying away from the burning sun, staying dry, staying warm. They wandered in their minds. They developed, they sped up. They connected more and more. They took medication. They scowled, displeased with the wires and the cages and the radios and the satellites that hadn’t developed enough.

They ate dust from factories. They hated the ones they chose to be with. They laughed at the misery of others, and went crazy with their own. They created miseries that they had fought to win, and poisoned their bodies in the name of sanity. They scoffed at the world they couldn’t comprehend.

They may see again. They may remember. They may run naked through the rain and dry out in the sun. They may wander in joy again. They may share their fires. They may wonder.

100-300 words Flash fiction

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