The Monastery folds itself into a hummingbird with leafy feathers and Brother Maximilian is left alone to ride upon the back of ivy covered stone walls of a fiercely flapping nightmare. Its eyes glow white and its wings turn black as it struggles against the hot wind of Satan’s breath.

Embers bite Brother Maximilian’s cheeks and sear his beard, leaving him with the stench of burnt hair. The continuous flapping of the bird’s wings serve as a fan, helping him stay cool, but causing a great upsurge to the flames of hell as they approach.

Stopped at the entrance, Brother Maximilian instinctively knows what to do and he pushes down upon the neck of the bird, commanding the force of God out of its feet. The light guns down the gate, a sound which no soul had heard before.

Brother Maximilian grips tight the ivy, ripping his knuckles on the stone underneath, looking a gloriously terrifying sight. With loving rage in his eyes, he is fierce.

Brother Maximilian is scared though.

Brother Maximilian is lonely, and upset that he had been left by the lay people, his brothers, and even the Abbot.

Brother Maximilian turns the bird in a weak moment of fear, and begins to flee, realizing it was an impossible task without the others.

Yes, Brother Maximilian turns to find the face of Satan, Lucifer, The Dark Prince waiting.

Satan breathes the hummingbird and Maximilian into his black nostril, and the inhale seems eternal.

When The Prince of Darkness ceases his breath for a moment, Maximilian loses his grip upon the bird and floats down into a sea of ram’s heads.

The Abbot listens to all this with patience, he has watched as Brother Maximilian has failed over and over again, but the Abbot has not lost faith.

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