The Hero To Come

Darling will read the most magnificent novels. Darling will hear the most astonishing songs. Darling will dance with perfect grace, a perfect gait, and know every part of every step. Darling will leap higher than any other, and land without a sound.

Darling will eat the most magnificent fruits. Darling will drink the most refreshing waters. Darling will do the good that needs to be done, and help the most helpless. Darling will bend in humility, and stand in pride.

Darling will see the monsters all around. Darling will watch the horrors. Darling will fight, and be called the bravest. Darling will stamp out the flames on the prairies and in the mountains, and blow down the steeples of the wicked.

Darling will not fall. Darling will not sway, except when necessary. Darling will stand against the battering and the stones and the wind and the water flooding the streets. Darling will scream with love, and whisper with anger until they listen.

Darling will stand under the crumbling roofs, and come out unscathed. Darling will become a symbol, our symbol, and the most magnificent symbol in history will Darling be. Darling will win the world over.

Darling will defend, protect, repair, save, hold, strengthen. Darling will persevere. Darling will persistently struggle until we are saved…

…If Darling would wake the fuck up.

100-300 words

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