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Lay. Think. Scream. Do nothing I tell you. I noticed you before you changed. Know that, and do not form yourself after this creature.There is nothing I want with the one who morphs into this lying, stealing, pretentious self I have made inside.It is the faint hint of your own face, and that faint hint…



My wall is desert teeming with life. The sand is hard there, densely packed so as to not succumb to my reality’s physics and fall into the carpet of my hallway. Snakes hide in the cracks from the tribes of men who rely on their meat.Beetles hide in the sanded paint from the hawks that…


No. Mine. Title.

No. It’s the only word I could say. No and maybe something else. Maybe something small and meaningless. A name, a title, for sleep, for food, for comfort. No, and maybe that small word and maybe a noise for attention. Maybe something loud and emotional. A sound, A scream, a bellowing of my own consciousness…

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The Hero To Come

Darling will read the most magnificent novels. Darling will hear the most astonishing songs. Darling will dance with perfect grace, a perfect gait, and know every part of every step. Darling will leap higher than any other, and land without a sound. Darling will eat the most magnificent fruits. Darling will drink the most refreshing…

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They May Wonder

They stood, astounded by the vast glory of a world formerly unknown. They wondered at the stars, and bathed in the sun, and ran in the rain. They set fires inside the cold to be shared and spread through all of creation. They swam, naked, in the earth’s own joyful tears. They foraged and then…

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